Eyebrow Sculpting & Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow Sculpting & Eyebrow Tinting

Syndey Eyelashes creates ultimate eyebrows for both men and women of any age. If you desire to enhance your appearance with well defined, luxurious eyebrows, we encourage you to leave it to our professionals. We offer exclusive eyebrow sculpting and eyebrow tinting in Sydney.

Once you are pampered by the experience of eyebrow shaping at Sydney Eyelashes, you’ll say goodbye to cosmetic brow products forever. We will provide you with a personalised design, crafting the ideal eyebrow shape and tint to highlight your unique face and skin tone.


What is Eyebrow Tinting?

Most people don’t realise what a difference their brow colour makes until they see the superb results of eyebrow tinting at Sydney Eyelashes. Our expert beauty therapist, Kate Ward, will darken the colour of your brows to maximise your natural beauty. She will choose the tint carefully to complement your eyes, skin and hair. Your eyebrow tint will also hide any grey hairs, granting you a more youthful expression.

Tinting your eyebrows is done with a process similar to dying your hair. We will use a tiny brush to apply a light layer of colour to the three main points of your eyebrow: the tail, arch and inner corner. The tint is left on for just a minute or two before we remove it.

Eyebrow tinting is a simple procedure with exceptional results.

What is Eyebrow Sculpting?

Eyebrow sculpting by Sydney Eyelashes will free you from the tedious task of filling in your eyebrows daily. This stylish procedure refers to the application of a semi-permanent, textured paint gel to the brow bone.

To begin, we will measure and analyse your face shape, hairline, depth and pitch of features to decide upon the most flattering brow for your eyes. After tweezing and trimming, powder will be used to fill in your brows and outline the intended shape. Once the shape is determined, we will customise the colour of the sculpting gel. A fine applicator is used to apply the gel, which has a 3D effect and gives the illusion of dense and well-defined hair. Your chic, newly sculpted eyebrows will last for a few weeks until they gradually fade.