Classic Enhancement

An introductory Full Set providing subtle length and volume
to your own natural eyelashes.
(enhance your eyes, add lower lashes)

Glamour Set

Open your eyes with a more glamorous and sophisticated look.
(enhance your eyes, add lower lashes)

Star Set

The Star Set has grown in popularity and is customised for a fuller appearance.
(enhance your eyes, add lower lashes)

Sydney Eyelashes Signature Set

The Signature Set is comprised of perfectly incremented lashes with an accentuated doe-eyed appearance. The beautiful Signature Set is tailored to suit the individual and their desired look, whether it be glamorous for a special occasion, natural for beautiful every day wear or somewhere in between!
(enhance your eyes, add lower lashes)

Bridal Set

Having incredible eyelashes for your Wedding Day is every Bride’s dream. This beautiful Set will guarantee magnificent Wedding photographs. Your happy tears will not detract from your flawless eyelashes as no mascara is required.

Indulge yourself on your Special Day!
(enhance your eyes, add lower lashes)

Lower Lash Set

One of the most predominant issues women experience when it comes to mascara is with the lower lashes. Whether their struggle is difficulty in application, the time consuming process involved to avoid clumping or the inevitable panda-eye dilemma by the days end, many women find themselves in the unfortunate position of having to forgo the eye opening effect created by enhancing their lower lashes with mascara.

Eyelash Infills

Infills are recommended every 2 to 3 weeks as youre natural eyelashes will shed to replace the eyelashes that you may naturally lose in between the 6 to 8 weeks.
cost for a follow up Eyelash Infill will be dependant on the maintainence required.

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