Lash Care

Once you have your eyelash set applied you may just fall in love… But without these tips, you could be in for an early breakup. Here’s how to be an A* student in eyelash extension aftercare

My application method is designed to ensure no damage to your natural eyelashes along with a long-lasting design but I need a little help from you to deliver that promise.


  • Always arrive at your appointment without eye makeup. This is very important as it means your lashes will be dry and the best bond can be achieved.
  • Never use mascara on the day of your appointment. If removing eyeshadow/liner after work really focus on those eyelash roots! If any trace of mascara or oil remover remains on the eyelash when you arrive at your appointment… your extensions won’t last past two weeks.
  • Ideally, you should use baby shampoo on your natural lashes the night before/morning of your eyelash extensions being applied – it is the perfect way to prepare them. I can only use a water-based cleanser that is specifically designed to prepare the natural lash for application and it won’t cut through mascara at all.
  • Please wash your hair prior to your appointment if you need to as you won’t be able to get your lashes wet for 24hrs.
  • Gym Bunnies: Please reschedule any exercise plans for 24hrs after your appointment.


  • The 24 hours following the application of eyelash extensions is critical to their longevity. Although your eyelashes are dry when you leave me, the glue is not cured so you must avoid water for 24 hours.
  • When washing your face/showering during this time frame: avoid water coming into contact with the eye area. Allowing your extensions to become wet during this initial phase could potentially cause irritation, it’s extremely rare but do not risk it. The final reason is water could allow the extension to move from its perfect placement! So wash your hair (if you need to) before your appointment and be careful when cleansing your face.
  • Sauna/Steam/Bikram/Pools do need to be avoided for 48 hours. This is for safety reasons as well as longevity of application so please adhere to this.
  • When cleansing please do not let cotton anywhere near them, it will hook onto the base of the lash and tear it free: face wipes, cotton pads and flannels should be avoided. Simply use an oil-free, gentle cleanser or baby shampoo and lightly massage the makeup away with your eyes closed. Splash some water and then pat (don’t rub) dry with a towel underneath your eyes.
  • Give your extensions a thorough clean every day: Using an oil-free cleanser or baby shampoo lightly massage at the base of extensions and along the eyelid. Splash with plenty of water and very carefully pat dry. This is a very important part of your eyelash extension aftercare so don’t skip it! Some people are under the impression the should be left alone but this is not the case. You’ll find this method removes eyeshadow and eyeliner in a flash.
  • Golden rule: DON’T PLAY with them: Especially in the first golden 24 hours. I know it’s tempting, they’re new, shiny and soft and you want to touch them BUT, just like the kittens in the pet shop, you can look but you can not touch. Too much touching may result in damage to your natural lashes, we take every possible care to ensure their health during application. My goal is for your own eyelashes to be healthier for wearing extensions.
  • I can provide you with a comb to brush them out: Just brush the tips if you feel they need it, don’t go to the base as you risk unhooking that seamless bond I’ve spent ages perfecting.
  •  Following exposure to a lot of water i.e shower or swimming your lashes may need a quick comb. They dry quickly but if you wish to speed up the process you can dry them with your hair dryer on the cool option. Use the lowest power setting.
  • Please don’t use oil-based makeup or mascara on your extensions: Your extensions are designed to look long and natural without clumps or smudges. It will also mean I can’t rebalance your extensions and they will shed very quickly.

This may sound like a lot of work but you’ll actually find your new eyelashes save you so much time!

Once you’ve gone through the eyelash extension aftercare routine once you’ll see how easy it is to enjoy (and protect) your eyelashes.

Kate xo