The Sydney Eyelashes Difference

A few things that make Sydney Eyelashes the best in the business:

Lash Quality: The lash extensions are made of synthetic silk polymer to hold a permanent curl (when wet, too). Mink extensions are available, as well, for a silky soft feel. Tapered tips for a realistic look, not to mention a variety of lengths, curls and thickness to accommodate each person’s lashes for top safety standards.

Adhesive Quality: Sydney Eyelashes uses premium adhesives to ensure the best results. The Platinum Bond Permanent adhesive is extra durable, which lasts through the lash growth cycle. In addition, it is heat and sweat resistant, so it is a prime option for those who exercise, swim or frequent saunas and steam rooms. For clients who have extremely sensitive eyes, fume-free glue is also available. Both adhesives are top quality, pharmaceutical grade and entirely safe.

Health & Safety Standard: The glue used at Sydney Eyelashes is void of any toxic and/or cancer-inducing chemicals, including Formaldehyde, a commonly-used substance in adhesives. All tools and products used at Sydney Eyelashes are sterilized between appointments and clients.

Customisation: Sydney Eyelashes treats each customer as a special, A-list client. Personal consultations are recommended; client’s needs and desires are heard, validated and respected. The value is, therefore, unmet. In addition, Sydney Eyelashes appreciates the time and money factor tremendously, thus each lash is applied at the root of the natural lash, which helps to maximize the length of time between touch-up appointments.

Experience and Education: Kate Ward was one of the first trained eyelash extension artists in Australia. She has been in the beauty industry for more than 10 years, and is also a qualified beauty therapist. Kate is certified with two leading lash extension companies, and trains and teaches therapist and salons in the art of eyelash extensions.