Cosmetic Tattoo Sydney

Cosmetic Tattooing by Sydney Eyelashes

Makeup that you wear all day and all night, with no smudging all year long is no longer a dream. This advanced cosmetic treatment involves the controlled insertion of safe colour pigments into the middle layer of your skin, just beneath the epidermis. Like a work of art, the tattoos will add lovely accents, soft shading and bold definition to your face. Whether you desire subtle enhancements or a striking and precise application of makeup, we ensure that your face will have a lovely appearance that lasts.

Our experienced cosmetic tattoo specialist is skilled at eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner tattoos and lip tattoos. We offer a wide array of colours, and we will custom-mix them to satisfy your vision – be it dramatic or refined. While all cosmetic tattooing will metabolise and fade over time, it can often last for years; if necessary, we can refresh your tattoo in the future. With our attractive cosmetic tattooing prices, think of how much money you’ll save on the cost of expensive makeup and cleansing cremes.

Eyebrow Tattooing

This procedure fills in your thinning brow with colour, forming a thicker and darker shape that embellishes your natural look. You can select hair strokes or a solid eyebrow. If you’re not sure what style looks best, trust our cosmetic tattoo specialist to design the most flattering eyebrows for your face.

Eyeliner Tattooing

We can implant top and/or bottom eyeliner in any thickness you desire. Some of our clients merely want a gentle lash enhancement, while others want a thick, eye-catching line to frame their eyes. Tell us your dream, and we’ll make it look beautiful.

Lip Tattoos

If you have thin lips, lightly coloured lips or you are merely tired of reapplying lipstick all the time – our cosmetic tattoo specialist can give you fuller, more vibrant and flawlessly shaped lips. With lip tattoos, you can kiss unsightly lipstick bleed and messy lipsticks goodbye.

One technique for lip tattoos is Line and Blend Tattooing. With this method, we will outline the shape of your lip and blend the colour smoothly onto your lips, so the outline doesn’t appear as prominent. Afterwards, you’ll be able to apply lipstick easily – with perfectly shaped lips every time.

A more popular cosmetic tattoo that we offer in Sydney is Full Lip Colour Cosmetic Tattooing. This procedure involves tinting your lips with an overall colour tone, so you are never bothered by lipstick worries again. Your lips will always glow with a luscious and lovely appeal. An infinite rainbow of colours is available.